The Fireflys – Embers of The Autumn: album review The Fireflys – Embers of The Autumn (Canadia Records)

Runcorn alt-rock trio The Fireflys are gaining popularity and becoming the buzz of the blog world as they release their third album, Embers of the Autumn.

The Fireflys are natural musicians, sailing into their third album Embers of the Autumn with ease after the success of their second album Cathedral for Your Ashes in Feb 2012. They have been highly acclaimed for their musical talent and use their signature riffs and deep bass to pull you back into the story they are musically telling you.

I have had the privilege of listening to their unreleased third album and have completely fallen in love with the ambient sounds and melodic emotion that is presented in each song. The deep bass emotes the general feeling of the songs to create a softness throughout the album that magically plays alongside their indie rock riffs and the new American rock sound.

“Hummingbird” is up there as one of my favourites on the album, simple guitar strings start off the nostalgic aura of the song. This song reminds me of a warm summer evening where you can look out over an amazing view and wistfully think away!

Each instrument fits perfectly together with any emphasis being perfectly timed. Lee’s rough and romantic voice carries you through a story within the song. His voice reminds me sometimes on certain tracks of Sting, Bryan Adams and sometimes like Train, rough but soothing, carrying any song into your memory.

The lyrics are easy to follow and sing along to, my favourite line being “Can’t you see what you’re worth?”. I have said this before in other articles but I love storytelling in a song and The Fireflys have it down to a T.  Match this with the amazing Stephen on Bass and the steady beating of the drum from Andrea along with all the extra instruments to top off the sound and this song is a winner.

Another of my favourites is the newly released “Julianne”, a totally different sound from the previous one, yet still enveloping you with its deep bass and great vocals. This song is moodier and atmospheric with its ooooing in the background which make the song haunting but so good! Again it’s a perfect match of timings and mixing the musical talents from each member of the band. The slick songs seem to belt out with no faults and ever so smooth into the ear.

Each song is slightly different from the one before, yet still has the same emotionally driven lyrics and music. Taking you through a roller-coaster ride of emotion, “Broken Pieces” is a great example of this, building up from a simple sound to a full blow of awesomeness in the chorus. The Fireflys are collectively wonderful at making music to match the lyrics that they write.

Sometimes I feel the pace could be slightly faster on some songs, such as “Cemetery Song”, to give it an extra kick and some power behind the indie rock sound. Having said that, the outro takes up the pace a big notch, but I think I wanted that energy within the song. The riffs throughout the song are crafted so well, but I wanted more from the chorus.

Then they get right back on track with “Hannah Said”. This is a beautiful song, the vocals, guitars and drums just melt together. It still holds that American rock sound that they have created subtly throughout the album.

The guitar solo is one that makes you want to pick up your air guitar and play to thousands of people in your living room, obviously the couch is your stage. The chorus sometimes misses it for me because of the echo/double voice but when they do hit it, they hit it well!

Again, the mixture between music and lyrics blends perfectly together here, my favourite line being “But now she’s gone, I’m not moving on.” Neither am I from this song!

The Fireflys have an ear for making great music, “Between the Tides” is another example of a wonderful piece of music where the instruments sound like they are feeling the emotion which is down to the astounding musical talent and slickness of the band.

It’s great to see the band getting better and better and better and building up their songs and lyrics into wonderful songs that you can listen to time and time again. They are the kind of songs that make you remember where you were when you first heard them. I find that it is rare to find an album that you can love more than two songs on, but this one certainly has plenty.

I feel that the album is a wonderful collection of different emotions that have been placed together to create a series of stories that will make you feel nostalgic, happy and sad all at the same time. The album is earthy, emotional and awesome.

The Fireflys are on Facebook and Twitter.

All words by Cheryl Hughes. More of her writing can be found on the site here.

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