The Fall, The Rise / The Killerest Expression / The Blackbelts (Damage Limitation Records)
Available from 1 April 2012

This nine track split EP presents three songs each from three bands on the Damage Limitation Records imprint – The Fall, The Rise; The Killerest Expression; and The Blackbelts. Each band has a different take on the rock / grunge / hardcore genres coming together to give a powerful and varied shared release.

Damage Limitation Records has released a split EP shared between three Midlands-based bands each exploring similar genres and yet coming up with very different, and equally impressive, sounds.

The Fall, The Rise kick things off with clattering melodies, lurching rhythms and sweeping, breathless vocals occasionally tipping over into more forceful repetitions spat out in a haze of vitriolic splendour.

This is emotional hardcore with a heart of rock pounding away, making sure it doesn’t go unnoticed by skipping every now and again, keeping it all interesting and just on the right side of individual while being very much typical of the genre’s sound.

The Blackbelts give us an in-your-face industrial thrash of metal through their three tracks. A thuggish guitar riff over tumbling beats and an AC/DC-like spoken snarl of a vocal line.

Indeed Let’s Get Out Of Here strays into Ace of Spades territory before breaking down into a repetitive chant over an increasingly frenzied melody and backbeat. By far the most ‘traditional’ metal sound on the EP they still manage to bring something fresh so it is homage rather than rip off.

The Killerest Expression take the final shift of the share and seem to blend the previous two bands into one almighty grunge sound with surf-pop styled vocals and harmonies above.

This is hardcore at it’s most poppy, as at home on a dancefloor as it is being thrashed out in a garage.

All tracks are available to stream from Damage Limitation Records now.

All words by Sarah Lay. You can read more from Sarah on Louder Than War here, on her own blog or follow her on Twitter.

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Sarah is a former editor of Louder Than War and a freelance music writer for numerous other publications online and in print. Co-owner of Reckless Yes Records she has put out music by LIINES, Pet Crow and lots of other awesome bands as well as put on shows by bands including Bivouac, Mark Morriss, Desperate Journalist and Dream Nails. She's an author, user experience designer and digital content strategist, as well as an occasional broadcaster. Sarah is a compulsive collector of coloured vinyl, a believer in the boogie and is in love with possibilities.


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