The Fades

Ragnarok (Genepool Records)

The Fades – Ragnarok album reviewThe Fades have always been a very good rock band, however since the late 00’s they have been put aside in favour of various other side projects.

However, in 2011 it became apparent that things were about to change again. Ragnorok is out in early October. It is arguably the best garage rock album since Songs for the Deaf. It is arguably the most entertaining guitar album since Mclusky Do Dallas and, in this writers opinion, it is only rivaled by Future of the Left’s new effort for the accolade of album of the decade… so far.

Bold statements? No! Have a listen. You only have to listen to the Lightfoot brothers’ other projects, Me My Head etc, to see what they are capable of songwriting-wise: however with MMH you could always tell that they were being held back a little in what they wanted to do by labels, management and other such pointlessness.

The Fades’ new effort, featuring the full line up of James Lightfoot on bass and vox, Dave Lightfoot on Guitar and vox, Jonny “find me anyone better in London” Barnard on lead guitar and Flash on the drums.  This pedigree creates something very special.

I am not going to track by track review the album because it works best listened to as a whole. Preferably in a car. A Chevrolet Camero, 1978, driven along a very dark highway.

Track one “Be Your Man” starts and it is like Iron Man. Ed Sheeran this isn’t. Straight out heavy riffages with melody and not an ounce of stupid emo metal, this is Sabbath in ’68 brought up to date. Agree? Listen:

The two singles to date, “Meccano” and “Joy”, are that indeed. Singles! Proper big singles with choruses and hooks and everything.

“I Love Punk Rock” is an honest account, name-checking everyone. It is honest. They do love punk rock. If you do too then download this album or buy the special edition from the band directly.   Every song on this album is a straight out rock and roll classic; every one a single.  You notice that I said arguably before several of my earlier statements.  Download the album, have a listen then start arguing. I still don’t know what is wrong with Jonny but he definitely doesn’t like Meccano. Intrigued?  Can you have a hoedown with guitar harmonies? 5/5  , 10/ 10 , ***** etc.

Jim Rhesus


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