The Enemy: Birmingham – live review

The Enemy
O2 Academy, Birmingham
26 October 2012

Live review

Reception for their third album, released earlier in 2012, may have been mixed but playing live in Birmingham The Enemy got a warm welcome.

Birmingham saw the return of The Enemy, kitted with a setlist full of songs both new and old. ‘Streets in the Sky’ is the bands third studio album released back in May this year, but despite the mixed signals it received, tonight was something special.

This was it, the Coventry lads’ last show after showcasing their talent at seventeen other dates across the country. The Who’s ‘Baba O’ Riley’ was blasted throughout the O2 Academy, atmosphere at its peak but was soon topped as soon at Tom, Liam and Andy strolled onto stage.

The three-piece opened their set with the first single from the new album, ‘Gimmie The Sign’. From the very first chord, the 3,000 capacity room went wild.

Hit singles such as ‘Aggro’, ‘Had Enough’ and ‘Away From Here’ from their chart-topping first album took us back in a time machine to 2007. The floor at the O2 Academy was put to the test with hundreds of fans pushing and shoving each other, forming mosh pits down the front. This didn’t stop The Enemy, they continued to pull off a spectacular show with Tom Clarke’s vocals attempting to be heard over the crowd.

The Enemy began to bring their set to a close when Tom Clarke began singing “Half the kids who you grew up with are pushing prams by the time that they were just sixteen” it was ‘This Song’?… Mosh pits turned into fans hugging each other, this became the highlight of the night.

“Keep Singing! Now, This Song, is about is about is about you” shouted Tom before they walked off stage, five minutes later they were welcomed back with another huge cheer.

“We’ll Live and Die in These Towns” and “Happy Birthday Jane” featured in the encore before wrapping up the night with a cover of James’ “Sit Down” and finishing with “You’re Not Alone”.

Since 2007, The Enemy have stuck to what they’re good at. They may not be lyrical geniuses or gone where other bands have but for the fans, this doesn’t matter. Tom, Liam and Andy have delivered us with classic brit pop tunes for six years, put on fantastic live shows and are completely in it for the fans. Well done lads.

All words by Lucy Thompson. You can read more from Lucy on LTW here.

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