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The Dropper’s Neck: Second Coming – album review

The Dropper’s Neck – Second Coming (Self Released)
Out Now

The Dropper’s Neck, from Essex, deliver a high quality, slighty chilling, and very hard ‘rawk’ album for the masses. Here’s our review.

I like these guys. They are a solid, loud rock band. And this is a good album. Period. This is a solid, deep, dark rock album that beats the living snot out of most of what you will hear on modern rock radio these days while still being accessible.

The Dropper’s Neck lead singer, Lloyd Matthews, has a rather Iggy Pop kind of sound going on, which I like. At other times, I’m hearing the Cramps. And when he screams, I’m hearing, well, many different bands. A lot of singers scream. But, not all singers can make it work. This guy makes it work. When push comes to shove, he can scream like a banshee. But, also has a deep, dark voice that works well under not so strained conditions, creating a nice dichotomy of sorts.

There is an appealing darkness throughout this album. Death and creepiness pop up in every nook and cranny of the album, both lyrically and sonically. There is also bit of a religious theme that sneaks in as well, most notably on opening track ‘Second Coming’, and the humorous ‘Three Little Pigs’, which is a version of the childhood favourite that no one ever read to me before. I don’t think I would have slept well after. Sure there are forays into punk, garage and metal, but ultimately, this is a rock album, and as I pointed out before, a good one. Thus far, the band is unsigned. I can’t imagine this will last long. This is a band that I can see many labels being interested in, and I’m sure they will be getting on one soon, if they so desire.


Title cut ‘Second Coming’ as well as its counterpart ‘Second Coming II’ is a bit of a story song, with the lead singer talk-singing through a good portion of it, then bursting into rib shaking screams. For the most part, there are some great, dark, well thought out lyrics here. It’s not just a sonic blast. These are full, well rounded, well written songs. ‘My Lime Tree’ features a scorching, Pearl Jam-esque guitar solo that sits well with me indeed, even if I am not a big Pearl Jam fan. I do, however, love a good, raw guitar solo. I also dig the Twilight Zone-ish opening of the lengthy and heavy album closer, ‘Save Me From Myself’, which also features some top notch screaming and some creepy shivered rage at the end. Good song.

The five piece band, from Essex, began in 2011. They’re made up of the aforementioned Lloyd Mathews as well as Chris Blake on guitars, Danny Keene on drums, George Barrows on guitar and Jack Turner on bass. Rumour has it that they are a pretty deadly live band to see, so if they happen to be in your neighbourhood, you might consider checking them out. And, while you are there, score one of their CDs, because it’s also worth checking out.

The Dropper’s Neck has delivered. In their bio, they say they are, “Five guys with the same ambition and drive; to make loud, raw and noisy rock music different to any other band on the scene.” Although creative and interesting, it isn’t completely different from some other bands out there, but it is good, raw and loud, so they are what the label on the box says they are for the most part. This is solid effort by a good band.

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Words by Chris Hearn. More writing by Chris on Louder Than War can be found here.

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