The death of Bin Laden

Al-Qaeda dude hearing the news about Bin Laden: “I guess we’ll call it quits then” *tosses his AK-47 away*

His henchman homie: “Yeah, like, I’m so over global terrorism. One-all’s not so bad.” *changes Facebook profile status to ”Ëœlooking for friendship’*

Is this seriously what Obama and his advisors think? That by taking out Bin Laden the Al-Qaeda problem can be filed under ”Ëœcase closed’?

Cos’ from where I stand, I’m thinking today’s ”Ëœvictory’ marks the start of a whole new chapter”¦ this one even more bloody than the last.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against taking out Bin Laden in principle. The guy is the public face of one of the greatest tragedies in living memory ”“ 9/11.

The trouble is this tit-for-tat killing is little more than a symbolic gesture designed to settle old scores and gain political points rather than bring the conflict to a close.

There’s a whole bunch of fanatics ready and waiting to slip into Bin Laden’s dusty sandals and if there’s one thing they thrive on it’s a sense of injustice and martyrdom.

I dread to think what vengeful attack Al-Qaeda are already planning and you can bet your life Obama won’t be on the receiving end. Because while he’s tucked up in the White House toasting the prospect of a second term, it’ll be innocent civilians on their daily commute that end up getting blown up to bits.

As for the killing itself, I know I’m at risk of being dubbed a conspiracy theorist but I can’t help but question the purported events.

Are we really to believe that America’s Most Wanted Man has ”Ëœsecretly’ been living in a compound yards from a military base and just 60 miles from the Pakistani capital of Islamabad? That he’s been lording it up in a £1 million residency all this time?

And that the good old U.S of A army managed to pull off this spectacular raid without blowing themselves up and taking out half of Pakistan in the process?

Most troublingly of all, we’ve only got Obama’s word that it actually was Osama because they’ve only gone and ruddy fed him to the fishes without an independent adjudicator stepping in to verify the facts.

There are claims that DNA taken from ”ËœBin Laden’ has positively been identified by comparing DNA with ”Ëœmany’ of his relatives.

“The chances that they’re a match are probably 99.9%,” said Dr Ronald Crystal, chairman of genetic medicine at Cornell University in New York City.

That may well be the case but if you were Obama, wouldn’t you want an outside source ”“ someone without any allegiance to the Star Spangled banner ”“ to confirm this too?

In the age of Photoshop, photographic or video evidence is worthless. Why leave room for doubt?

It’s Hitler’s bunker all over again”¦ we’ve no choice but to accept the ”Ëœofficial’ version of events ”“ especially with the media dutifully towing the line.

I’m in no mood to celebrate so as always my thoughts turn to those who have lost their loved ones to terrorism. And now, as we look to an even more uncertain future, with those whose unenviable task it is to try to prevent reprisal attacks which will cost very many more lives.

It’s funny to think that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”. Because over the past 24-hours my fear is he’s done the exact opposite.

LTW – The news of Bin Ladens death prompted one LTW blogger to stay at home HERE

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  1. We’ll soon see if they got him or not as he’ll pop up on the Internet to say hello. Likelihood is they made such a mess of him that he was unrecognisable but the intelligence has identified him already.

    In any war, taking out a significant general is a strategic advantage, it throws the lower ranks into panic, destroys confidence and distracts the leadership as the would be candidates battle to take the top spot. That’s an ideal time to strike again with more operations that are no doubt in place.

    Bin Laden was charismatic and connected. He had the respect of his fellow fanatics and could raise cash with the rich. Although there will be lots of successors lining up they won’t necessarily have the charisma and connections.

    The fact is that these terrorists won’t give up but they can be minimised. War will always exist where mankind lives. That isn’t to say we shouldn’t speak up about it but we should pick our battles. Let Obama have his day, I agree it will probably get worse but this was a significant victory and it is a good thing for freedom and anti terrorism.

  2. I agree with this… If The U.S. have not killed Bin Laden he can do more damage than terrorism ever did by announcing himself in the middle of a Presidential election… I hope Obama is certain he got his man .

  3. Of course they’ve got him, they know as well as the rest of us that he’d pop up on a web cam somewhere if they hadn’t. The question is, is he dead? They could well have him alive in the hope he could be “persuaded” to give up vital information. Whatever, all these loose ends I believe are deliberately planted in order to keep the media & conspiracy theorists busy & therefore NOT looking at the real picture, whatever that is…

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