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The title of this record is ‘Death Rattle Boogie’ and right there is all you need to know. Adrian Bloxham gives it a listen for Louder Than War.

The title of this record is ‘Death Rattle Boogie’ and right there is all you need to know. This is Garage Rock par excellence, the Datsuns’ fifth album since their debut in 2002. It rocks and it rolls and it kicks back with a huge dollop of funkiness. It’s the sound of a band having fun. Messing about with sound and making a wonderful record.

This is like a jigsaw puzzle of influences, an odd organ noise here, a riff there that you can trace right back to somewhere behind us. But what’s the point in that? Music like this is meant to be blasted across the garden as you drink beer and whiskey and laugh at your friends making utter fools of themselves. This is a good time rock record, it’s not dark, it’s up there in the sunshine, forgetting its factor thirty and shouting it’s head off.

Right from the first garage fuzzed riff of ‘Gods Are Bored’ with the almost whiney voice struggling to be heard over the freak out of the track I am hooked. They play as tight as a noose but feel as loose as the Stooges moral stance on drugs. ‘Gold Halo’ crashes down on top of you like a brick wall and then breaks into a rock monster of a tune, the vocal raw and strained. ‘Axethrower’ is another massive tune, classic metal, slow and steady, with the ghost of Ronnie James Dio in the background nodding his approval.


‘Bullseye’ is bass heavy chugging rock. ‘Skull Full Of Bone’ has a precise bassline and drum beat to start, almost a mod moment! It segues into a New Wave spiky feel. ‘Shadow Looms Large’ has an understated vocal that almost croons over the shuffling funky drums and bass. The guitars grind and cruise along with the song. Then it changes, ‘Wander The Night’ is a six minute easy listening triumph. Led by an organ and precise drums and cymbals it slithers forward, at the end the guitars do kick in but they keep the feel of the song intact. ‘Helping Hands’ is sixties fuzzed out garage, very simple and very direct.

‘Hole In Your Head’ is more mainstream rock and moves forward quickly. ‘Fools Gold’ has a simple blues riff and a twangy country feel with a drawled vocal. ‘Goodbye Ghosts’ has the spirit of the Killer on piano and is a shouted vocal rock’n’roll stomper. ‘Colour of the Moon’ moves like another sixties Garage moment led by a mad organist and crooning vocals, it reminds me of when the Damned turned their hand to insane psychedelia. Then they go all Southern Boogie with ‘Brain Tonic’. The album finishes with ‘Death of Me’ an atmospheric boiler with a spooky voice and rolling drums that you know is going to explode into wah wah guitar and bass funkiness. A great place to leave us, just wanting more.

If you need me to elaborate then I haven’t been shouting loud enough. You should hear this record, if you have any love at all for guitars, bass and drums played by grown men who should probably know better then this is the album for you.

The Datsuns website can be found here. They are also on Facebook & are on Twitter as @thedatsuns

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.



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