The Cutler ‘Everything Is Touching Everything Else’ – album review

The Cutler ‘Everything Is Touching Everything Else’ (Steel Tiger Records)
Available now

What a brimful of electronic bubbliness this is, brought to you by Steve Cobby and the Pork-ster ‘RealName’ Dave Brennand. Having been around several blocks the duo are intent on rebuilding systems through 12 tracks mixing Sticklebricks, Lego and Meccano, or their musical equivalents if you get my drift? Everything Is Touching Everything Else pretty much sums up as elements of funk, dub, downtempo, [insert other(s)] fuse into an effervescent rolling mass.

Instrumental for the most and in the mood from the off as ‘Quantum Entanglement’ glides effortlessly, pseudo-horns call while on ‘Tell Me Why’ synths literally talk on a journey of stabbing sequence and beats. ‘Quite Rightly’ mellows with a jazzy drum-track and one hell of a laidback guitar ramble, but we’re lifted up soon after by ‘Moscow Dynamite’; another hi-rolling tapper which Barry Adamson might be happy to swoon a tune over? ‘Clam Bake’ is reminiscent of the spatial funky tracks of later Cabaret Voltaire albums which we might have desired at the time but now find us wire-tapping when needing a necessary pick-up from the desperation of life; very much a highlight of hi-hat action and sequential movement. As an alternative ‘Crazy Legs Crane’ is as the cool title suggests holds a plethora of disjoints, spirals, beats, dubs’n’breaks, not unlike the following ‘Namaste’ which adds a touch of glitch to proceedings. ‘Maltese Cross’ noodles a smooth exit via open percussion and simple electric guitar riff and ends before we know it’s begun!

There are a few vocal tracks which lend themselves perfectly to more commercial avenues, namely ‘Romulus And Remus’ which must assuredly pack any dance floor. Rich, deep, deeper sequences and rhythms lifted by a gorgeous female vox (Isobel Helen), the kind of track we might only hope will fill daytime radio’s playlist. ‘Roll Those Laughing Bones’ long mesmeric fizz is tempered by the soft-tones of Archie Hesslewood while Andrew Taylor’s vocal addition on the jazz-infusion ‘Didn’t Have A Clue’ gives me high hopes for my fledgling singing career (the neighbour’s dog loves my vocal range). My tongue is firmly in cheek on both counts!

Little Glitches are featured on ‘OFGB’ a smooth operative which pretty much describes the output of all The Cutler’s wares. This duo will leave you joyful and happy and left on the ceiling after listening to Everything Is Touching… Sadly the only way now is down, but do not despair its Remix compadre is almost upon us with among others Darren Emerson, Dorfmeister, Mark Brydon and Robin Guthrie (yes that one) twiddling knobs for more pleasurable highs.

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