Manchester’s own alt/country collective ‘The Cornelius Crane’ release the new ‘E.P Too’ on StereoKill Recordings this October which not only marks the labels 10th release but arguably their finest yet. The Cornelius Crane are; Steve Wilson guitar/keys and vocals, Mark Adams bass/backing vocals and Dan Adams drums/backing vocals plus pedal steel guitar and between them have put a dream of an E.P together.
First off its ‘Americana’ soaked influences, which are all easy to pick up on- CSN&Y, The The Cornelius Crane release new ‘E.P Too’ on StereoKill RecordingsBand, Neil Young and co are all there – but its the way they harness them and bring some thing very British to it all which makes it some thing their own. Starting with ‘Oklahoma and me’, this up-beat opener with its kinda ‘on the road’ sentiment straight away illustrates the groups knack for these really soulful, harmonic vocal chorus’s that just hook you in and is no better performed than on the Fable-Esq titled ‘They Sailed like they’ve never heard a Song’. Playing like the trippy end of the Stones and as bluesy as hell its again fitted out with another one of those soaring, beautiful chorus and with added vocals from Lucy Whitehead its probably ‘E.P Too’s highlight, and your potential favourite.


‘They Sailed Like they Never Heard a Song’ The Cornelius Crane

The Cornelius Crane release new ‘E.P Too’ on StereoKill Recordings


Its the last 2 tracks that The Cornelius Crane put those alt country/ Americana influences right up front with ‘Don’t Blame this Heart of Mine’. Having that same identifiable lazy-strum ‘Heart of Gold’ possess it will be for all the same reasons why you love that song that’ll you’ll love this. Though its the last tune that’s a personal fave, titled ‘Pan and the Goat’ its play between gorgeously countrified ‘lost and found’ verses to an elated yet ghostly chorus reminiscent of something like Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ seals it for me. All 4 tracks stand up, not one a filler and due to a fantastic/clear production together with those soaring chorus’s, superb musicianship and heartfelt homage to its US influences E.P Too might make one of your fave releases from any Manchester group this year.


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