Oi! Oi! Cockney Rejects film premiere
Oi! Oi! Cockney Rejects film premiere

The Cockney Rejects story to be made into a film…

The violent story of the Cockney Rejects – the orignal punk band from streets of 1970’s East London

The Damned have recently declared that they are to feature in a full length biopic, Adam Ant is also the subject of another biopic which is rumoured to be close to completion”¦

Not wanting to be left out; The Cockney Rejects have confirmed that they to are to be the subject of a full length biopic ”ËœWhere The Hell Is Babylon’ (Cadiz Music) ”“ The film is based on the book ”ËœCockney Reject’ by Rejects frontman Jeff ”ËœStinky’ Turner and is being directed/produced by Richard England with the full co-operation of the band.

The ”ËœWhere The Hell Is Babylon’ website describes the ethos of the film as:

Fresh from the success of the Julien Temple documentary ”ËœOil City Confidential’, Richard England embarked upon a mission to create a documentary on the East End band ‘Cockney Rejects’ based upon singer Jeff ‘Stinky’ Turner’s captivating book.
The story of London’s toughest and poorest part as told through the eyes of its most iconic band. From the bombs that flew in World War II and from the greatest industrial docks the world ever saw, to the formation of the original and best Terrace Band of them all, the battles, living outside the law, the wilderness years of both the band and the area that spawned them, and eventually to the rebirth and transformation of the band into a worldwide cult, this is the rockumentary to beat them all.
Feel the mighty heart that beats to the rhythm of rivet hammers upon a background of claret and blue.

This is East End Babylon!

As the echoes of the punk rock sound shook the nation in the late ”Ëœ70’s, four dead-end kids formed a band called the Cockney Rejects so that they could yell to the world about this forgotten place that they came from. With the futile choice of careers for young Cockneys at the time, their only likelihood of a way out was through boxing, football, or Rock ”Ëœn Roll. And since there were no good Rock ”Ëœn Roll bands in the East End at the time, it seemed the sensible choice to form one. For everything it was, for everything it is, and for everything it may yet turn out to be, this is the story of that band and that place told in all brutal truth, it lays its link to football, violence until its messy demise in Birmingham.

The film will premiere at KoKo Camden Town, London on Thursday 26th April 2012.

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