The Clash’s London Calling used for Olympics

the Clasj London Calling the Olympics

The Clash get ready to receive their punk rock gold medal

Once the Clash were punk’s finest. The rebels with a cause now they are the soundtrack to the corporate free for all that was the Olympics one year to go party. Is this a bad thing though? the song is total classic and the title alone fits the bill. The Clash have become part of the fabric of daily life and their positive message lurks everywhere.

The song also caused some controversy with the BBC website reporting that some people were uncomfortable with the dark nature of the lyrics in the verses. Is this our own version of bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’- a gung ho anthem for politicians to use that has the sucker punch of telling the truth in the verse sections?

Are you happy to hear the Clash at these functions?
Does it make you feel a bit weird when London mayor Boris Johnson proclaims the Clash as his favourite band?
Does it matter any more?


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  1. Wow! In many ways I would say it’s progress that this amazing song would be used but I can’t get bogged down with the ‘corporate’ angle even though I think corporations are the poison that will eventually sink us all. After all the Clash signed to a corporate label & have been a corporate product for decades.

    Having said that, great music is great music whoever makes it & whoever markets it. Good call choosing the song & for me now the most interesting thing about the Olympics …. now as to whether or not we should be hosting it, that’s another discussion altogether.

  2. Surely, the worst thing about this is that Bicycle Boz claims that The Clash are his favourite band. So much for the power of punk. Or maybe this claim is full of shit – like him.

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