The Browning: Hypernova – album review

The Browning – Hypernova (Earache Records)


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No second album syndrome from metalcore heavyweights The Browning. Sophie Sparham gets stuck into new release Hypernova.

With so much metalcore floating around at the moment, it’s nice to see a band who’ll step out of the usual boundaries to shake up the scene. With fast beats, heavy breakdowns and an electro aftertaste The Browning combine electronica with heavy metal to create a new spin on the genre. Imagine Enter Shikari’s older, more metalcore American cousin and you begin to get the idea.

Made up of Jonny McBee (vocals/electronics) Collin Woroniak (guitar) Drew Ellis (bass) and Cody Stewart (drums) The Browning have just released their second studio album – Hypernova – on Earache Records. Developing from Burn this World (2011) the guys have since crafted their music to create a tighter, mature and more experimental sound.

Hypernova is The Browning at their finest, combining angry screaming death metal vocals with strong synth beats and of course heavy guitars. Hit play and the dramatic build-up of Invasion prepares you before the band furiously storms into action with Save the World.

Hypernova really rings the changes. Fifth Kind’s strong beat and stunning lyrics slows the pace (well as slow as it can get) but Type A ramps it up with dance break downs that contrast strangely –  yet perfectly  – with the raw instruments.  Slaves throws Eastern undertones into the mix, with haunting chanting and sitar melodies.


So dance, mosh, whatever you choose to do, but don’t let this slip under your radar. The Browning don’t do things by halves. This is not an album to tap your feet to, it’s an album to run naked into a mosh pit with, screaming “Satan come get me!”

Hypernova is out there, get busy.


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All words by Sophie Sparham  – check out Sophie’s Louder Than War archive here

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