The Brits to have gender neutral awards – no more ‘men’ and ‘women’ categoriesIn a move that may mean more ovaltine being spat on the floor by Trad Rock traditionalists the Brits in 2022 are to do away with gender categories.

Of course this is nowhere near as controversial as it looks. We were never sure why there was a best make singer and best female singer – surely its best person? But this kind of stuff is deemed controversial these days!

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  1. The world just becomes a better place one woke victory after another, doesn’t it?

    The ruling classes must be quaking in their boots.

  2. They should just lose all categories full stop and have no awards whatsoever, given all categories are divisive and take away the right for each individuals subjectiveness to be validated (or not need to be).

  3. I’ve always thought that the purpose of dividing the genders was to ensure that female artists got awards as well. Hopefully we’ve moved beyond that.


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