The Bristol Pound – money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you space


The Bristol Pound sees a city’s small traders create their own currency to buck the corporations.. 

Opting out has been much maligned for years, the mass media declared war on such ideas a long time ago, turning the hippy idealism into comedy fodder like on the Young Ones- which once seemed radical but now actually appears very conservative. 
But opting out is still going on. In Bristol, local small traders, cafes and small businesses have come up with a scheme to try and keep the finance in the city by making their own money. It’s a cool idea, unified by their own currency it’s a glorified barter system where goods and services and work between the community is paid for in their own money. The money, in theory, should stay in the city and be used to trade off for services. 
Fed up with the major corporations draining the money out of the local economy they have opted out and instead of griping in the pub have got on with finding an alternative. We should set up this scheme in music and in our communities, that way the bankers will not be able to get their grubby mits on our money.  

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