Former Louder Than War New Artist Of The Day and fast rising Argentinian band, The Otherness are to tour the UK in June.

The opening show will be on  June 7th at the legendary 100 Club.  Tickets and gig info from here.

THE OTHERNESS  will be filming the whole tour as a Rockumentary Film for South American TV.  They will be interviewing UK musicians, promoters, journos and fans and UK music people like Jon McClure, Noel Gallagher, Mick Jones and LTW boss John Robb.

The band play great melodic guitar rushes with a punkish edge to their sharp indie guitars.

The band are from La Patagonia, Argentina. Martin (vocals and guitar), Gonzalo (vocals and bass), Agustin (lead guitar) and Pablo (drums) have been together since 2009. They have played all over South America and sold out huge venues such as Groove and Boutique in Buenos Aires. In 2011 they played 23 gigs in London will be touring the UK again between June and September 2013: London, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield. Venues and dates will be announced  during the following months thru a social networks’ campaign:

The Otherness were selected as Artist of the Month (Sept) for R&R World Arena Cast Podcast in London and also one of the best new bands for NME’s radar section.

Their singles “Like You” “We All Are Likeable” “Fix & Fuss” “What we share”  have been played on Argentinian mainstream radios such as Vorterix, Los 40 Principales, Rock & Pop, La Metro y La100 and some UK and USA indie stations such as Butterflies Radio, New Driven Radio and Earbits.

The Argentinian rock scene is going through a positive transition after Cromagnon Tragedy in 2005, which ended with more than 100 casualties at a rock and roll and gig and lots of venues were closed and banned because of the new security requirements.

Since 2010 the underground scene is growing and the indie musicians are supported by a new law sanctioned in 2012 which give any artist the chance to play and get paid and also the access to cheaper and better rehearsal conditions and recordings as well. The band claim that ‘Anyway, it sounds better on theory than what’s REALLY going on: The new law may take a while to be fully respected and functioning WELL-…’




MOVE ON (Trailer):  -PRIORITY VIDEO!!! ;)

MOVE ON (Video):

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