The final line up of punk rock musicians exhibiting exclusive and original artwork at the Punk Rock and Roll Art show at the Underdog Art Gallery, Bermondsey tomorrow has been announced.

The range of artists include…

  • Gaye Advert – Adverts,
  • Paul Slack – UK Subs,
  • JC Carroll – Members,
  • Knox- Vibrators,
  • Spizz from Spizz Energy,
  • Luke Morgan – The Highliners,
  • Gerry Laffy – Girl,
  • John Taylor, Ultravox,
  • Bruno Wizard – Homosexuals,
  • Taurus Trakker, Charles Chaos – The Jerks,
  • Michelle Brigandage – ‘Brigandage’,
  • Sue Tilly – ‘The Curse’,
  • Joni Belaruski – ‘The Great Malarkey’,
  • Chris Sullivan – ‘ Blue Rondo A La Turk’,
  • Bermondsey Joyrider members and Danny Garcia film producer – ‘The Rise & Fall of The Clash’ and ‘Looking for Johnny – the legend of John Thunders’.

The Bermondsey Joyriders are behind the art show which will be held at the Underdog Gallery in SE1 from 19-26th September (noon-8pm daily), Underdog Art Gallery, Arch 6, Crucifix Lane, Bermondsey, Se1 3JW:

The opening party will be on Friday 19th September from 7-11pm with live performances from Bermondsey Joyriders and an array of special guests. This show promises to be a must see event for both music and art fans.

Bermondsey Joyriders remarked,

“We are always seeking ways to extend our artistic boundaries. The idea behind curating this show is to offer a platform to a range of musicians to continue their creative output through a different medium”.

Bermondsey Joyriders Art show: Facebook event page.

Online: and twitter: @LoudRocknRoll.


  • Underdog Art Gallery,
  • Arch 6, Crucifix Lane,
  • Bermondsey,
  • Se1 3JW

Online: and twitter: @UNDERDOGARTCO.


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