The Battery Farm

The Battery Farm are back after the amazing Endless Unstoppable Pain EP that ended up being one of our favourite EP’s on Louder Than War. Number two behind Bob Vylan? Fuckin’ right. One of the best Manchester bands around that you need to hear. Wayne AF Carey explains why they’re so special…

Great bands deserve respect. Why I love this unique bunch so much. The passion from the Corry brothers just swarms all over this track. It’s a piledriver of slow start grunge with hints of big hitters like Muse meets hardcore noise with shit loads of dark melody flowing throughout. A big stab at stadium punk if I’ve ever heard it. The Moston lads have hardcore flowing through their veins. You want indie landfill? Fuck off. This is supreme songwriting from a working class band with major passion that are going for the jugular.

As slap head frontman Ben Corry who used to have hair says:

“When The Whip Goes Crack is the lead single from The Battery Farm’s forthcoming EP Dirty Den’s March Of Suffering. It’s a song about the disappointment, disenfranchisement and self-loathing that comes about through having grown up to perceive yourself as a failure. A song about the fear of all your demons, both internal and external coming crashing in on you. That hot, ferocious fear.”

As LTW so called throwback punk writing legend Ged Babey says:  “That is ‘stadium-sized’ shit. Not just some scuzzy punk band. Very impressive.”

It’s a massive leap forward in sound and vision and a massive earworm that kicks you in the face with the fury of a size 10 scuffed boot that was made for kicking you up the arse! Fuck knows what the new EP sounds like yet but it’s a massive step into the world of sophisticated punk grunge…

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Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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