The Athens Riot Dog sends us a blog

Riot Dog blog from Athens

my name is Loukas I am the so called Riot Dog you may have seen on the streets of Athens. I don’t cause riots, not unless another dog tries to steal my food but enough is enough. I am a Greek dog and I don’t like to see my country run by bankers or the IMF. I am a street dog and I understand this. Freedom is everything and if you get in the way I will growl.

Today is a busy day. Every day is a busy day. Normally I like to hustle a few dustbins or the rubbish in front of a kebab shop but these days this has become more difficult. As I wander the streets avoiding the gangs of marauding photographers and international film crews and police dressed as militia my life has become very tricky. Greece is in meltdown as any rancid mutt could tell you and the country is getting run by politicians who hop about and irritate as much as the fleas that infest my beautiful golden fur.

These are difficult days but I have a new purpose in my life.

The demonstrators are my friends. They look after me so I join their demos. If they get in trouble with the grim faced riot police I am the first in there barking. But usually you will find me at the front of the demo staring impassively at the cops. They say my bark is worse than my bite but when you understand the complexity of the issues we face like I do then you know that just being there is enough. grrrrr.

Today, though, is very tense. It’s the big vote. Its the meltdown and I am sending you this missive whilst watching the cops blasting tear gas all over the place. It makes me want to wretch but I don’t mind wrenching because I’m a dog and I can eat my own sick. The only drawback is that I can’t smell the dog piss and dog shit that makes my mouth water.

There is a hail of missiles flying the other way at the cops. My friends are ripping up stones from the streets and throwing them back. We go forward and then the police chase us back. They are calling this a ‘bizarre game of cat or mouse’ on the TV. I’m not so sure. If that was the case I may lose my composure, if there is one thing I hate more than riot police its mice and cats.

Oh and bankers.

We wonder why we are all being made to pay because of the collapse of the financial system caused by bankers who are giving themselves bonuses, laughing at us. Of course I am only a mere dog and why should I understand this human behaviour. But I understand that the task today is to try and take Parliament. Maybe they have good dustbins there. I can eat caviare instead of old kebabs.

For now I stand strong at the tear gas and growl at the rich who are laughing at us whilst their System collapses. grrrrr.

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  1. I really fear for that dogs safety and hope he is removed to somewhere safe as soon as possible before he gets hurt.


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