Asteroids: Burn Your Maps

The Asteroids: Burn Your Maps (Self Released)
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Ten tracks of explosive energy from The Asteroids, the Machynlleth 4-piece solely responsible for the nascent Nu Wave genre.

Apparently, Asteroid J left Birmingham for the tranquillity of the Dyfi Valley whereupon he met M West and K West who had recently arrived from Kansas, USA. They tried to form a band, but the lack of a drummer presented them with a few problems; at which point M & K West recalled they had a 12yr old son; J became The Asteroids drummer by default; he’s 13 now, but the tracks that make up ‘Burn Your Maps’ were captured prior to him hitting those difficult teenage years!

Opening up with ‘One Way System’ a 47 second full fat immersion into high energy DIY punk rock, built around a buzz saw guitar, complete with rabble rousing shouty lyrics and a hook Tyson Fury would be proud to call his own, ‘Never Give Up’ careers over the 1-minute mark, a raucous uplifting jolt of clattering drums and choppy guitars that’s like the perfect marriage of the Pistols and power pop, whilst ‘Nothing Means A Thing’ with its strong female backing vocal sounds like Eastfield ripping Buzzcocks finest moments, its full of angst, melody and a sense of self-assurance that comes with an innate understanding of how to write a song.

The Devoto/Shelley reference is present throughout ‘Selling Lies’ not least with the cheeky “a noise can annoy” lyric that accompanies the slashed guitar rhythm ahead of gorgeous harmonies; I’d suggest ‘Telephone’ takes a generous dollop of inspiration from ‘Holidays In The Sun’ before channelling The Asteroids strong melodies and crafting a real poppy punk anthem complete with an obligatory yelped “2, 3, 4” and a damn cool guitar solo.

‘Dictator’ is a is a brisk fizzy nu wave song with a nagging “It’s true… I hate you” vocal, and a beat that moves you in multiple directions, similarly with ‘You Lose’ which confirms Asteroids are one of the first bands I want to see live when this current shit-storm is over.

‘Shut Your Mouth’ is as brash as its title, sneering lyrical barbs and a song laced with angst, confidence, crashing cymbals and a riff pinched from somewhere I just can’t identify.
‘Burn Your Maps’ is a special record, a timeless record that will reaffirm your faith in rock ‘n’ roll and remind you that its supposed to be revitalizing, and above all fun – which in these current times is exactly what we need.

The Asteroids: Burn Your Maps

Track list:

1. One Way System
2. Never Give Up
3. Nothing Means a Thing to Me
4. Selling Lies
5. Telephone
6. Dictator
7. This Town
8. You Lose
9. Shut Your Mouth
10. Black Heart

The Asteroids online:


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