Catherine Ann Davies is the Anchoress and her second album, The Art Of Losing, is a thing of beauty twisted with an emotional heart breaking core.

The album is magic realism as music as she sings of personal loss, pain and a fascination with death in songs that take you on a trip.

The album is very strong lyrically, keeping as with her debut you’d loosely call it a concept album – ‘The Art of Losing’ covers topics such as the death of her father, miscarriages, cancer – but it is a very optimistic and beautiful record.  Catherine produced the album herself and plays most of the instruments, she’s very knowledgeable on that side of things and wants to talk about more women working in the studio.

In this interview she talks about this creative process, her love of production, being a Manics fan and working with James Dean Bradfield and how creating a character helps in making this amazing music and much more.

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