The Amazing Snakeheads: Sound Control, Manchester – live reviewThe Amazing Snakeheads

Sound Control, Manchester


This review was not actually submitted in the usual way. it was a comment underneath an old review by John Robb from a few months back but it’s so good and so full of excitable, genuine enthusiasm I felt it had to be shared with a wider audience. The review is by Despicable_D, showing us how it should be done. Thanks DD.

Fulfilling every line above (John Robbs Review from  The Great Escape in May 2014) The Amazing Snakeheads at Sound Control was my best gig of the year so far, and I can’t see it being beaten.

Tense, swaggering, raw power was all present and unleashed with explosive enthusiasm by Dale Barclay.

The crowd were understandably an older group, who else craves the punk creativity and anarchy of ’76, which had a slightly over energetic mosh pit. Stripped to the waist Dale, in white leather shoes?, scowled, wailed and electrified the whole building. Several tracks saw Dale in the middle of the crowd, mic and guitar surrounded by dancing, pushing, singing enthusiasts. There was always that element of pent up danger, the crowd loved the band, the moshing became ever more chaotic, some fool wanted to lift me up on their shoulders, the band took drinks from the front row to quench their thirst – close up, personal, elemental, and so so alive! Musically superb, easy to pick up the rhythm, even if the Glaswegian accent made the words unintelligible to a mock northerner. A well deserved encore was demanded and supplied, Dale ended up in the crowd mobbed by gloriously enthusiastic fans.


So the album was a must purchase item, but more importantly when and where can I see them next. It was good to see them at Sound Control, previously they were at the Roadhouse and that would have been too small and cramped a venue to feel safe, we took our teenage daughter last night – they’ll be very few at her college who could even comprehend why The Amazing Snakeheads are an essential live musical experience.

Its LIFE in its rawest state.


The Amazing Snakeheads are: They are also on Facebook and tweet as @AmazingSnakes

All words by Despicable D.

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