‘The A To D Louder Than War Mix’ by Steve Barker of On The Wire

Radio Lancashire’s On The Wire, hosted by Steve Barker, is 30 years old this month. Steve has very kindly put a special hour-long Louder Than War playlist together which can be played below, together with some exclusive comments on each of the tracks.

And if you’re wondering why we at Louder Than War all love On The Wire so much check out this “A Fans View” piece by Paul Scott-Bates. You can even read it while playing this mix if you like.

DJ Sandrinho – Berimbau
Rio Baile Funk master from the favela do Borel at work on string driven thing back in 2007.

DJ Clap Pina – Unakunukulpan
Also known as Clap Freckles, a DJ producer from Monterrey Nuevo Leon in
Mexico, essential mutant digi cumbia for the mix from 2011.

DJ Peligro – Dame Duro
A completely mental hi-jack of the Bam Bam riddim from 2009.

Diggory Kenrick & Tapes – Pipe Cleaner
Reggae flutes and crazed East End digi mix out of Leipzig’s Jahtari label.

Arthur Russell – Lucky Cloud
You can never get enough Arthur.

Amanar – Tenere (El Mahdy Jnr Remix)
Sahel Sounds rules the outer edges of African music, twisted
dubmeister E Mahdy gets on the mix straight outta Turkey, he dropped
the stunning “Spirit of Fucked Up Places” on Portland’s Boomarm Nation.

Bab Lee – Soul Les Cocotiers
Ramps up any dance.

Big Ass Truck – Five O’Clock Shadow
Defunct and lost genius mutant funksters from Memphis.

Doctor Ross – The Boogie Disease
It’s not only John Lee Hooker who does mad boogie.

Dub Specialist – Lusaka
Studio One classic dub by its in house rhythm engine, version to Alton Ellis’ “Mad Mad”

Dylan Carlson – Gold 1
Transcendent solo electric guitar reaches the heights.

The Bug – Void
Kevin Martin on the cool side of bi polar.

Delia Derbyshire – Liquid energy
Did the BBC recognise the genius working away in the cellar?

Burial – In McDonalds
We have all been there.

Chang Loo – Sixteen Tons
Cool Hong Kong r’n’b styled reading of the old Tennessee Ernie Ford standard.

Chilly Gonzales – Kenaston
Who though tunes like this could be written anymore?

Clams Casino – Unchain Me (Lil B)
Mixtape heaven with a short stay from the ultra-productive MC.

Autre Ne Veut – Ego Free Sex Free
Glistening modern r’n’b not heard much on radio for some reason.

Bass Clef – Set Adrift On Memory Abyss
One of the most challenging new artists at work in the UK demonstrates why.


The On The Wire blog is here.

All words by Paul Scott-Bates. More of Paul’s writing on Louder Than War can be found here. Paul’s website is hiapop Blog. Paul is working hard to save Radio Lancashire’s On The Wire, the BBCs longest running alternative music programme. Follow him on twitter as @saveonthewire for all On The Wire news or follow hiapop Blog on Twitter, @hiapop.


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