TexasBob Juarez – On A Distant Shore: album review

TexasBob Juarez – On A Distant Shore

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TexasBob Juarez is the guitarist/keyboard player in London band Television Personalities. He also plays lead guitar with Rose Mcdowall. He has supported MGMT and Adam Ant and has toured with his bands extensively throughout the world.

His new solo album, On a Different Shore,  is a reverie, lyrically at least. Recorded and mastered in Texas, Stockholm and London, the album has a bitter sweet feel. It has gained the endorsement of fans such as MGMT and Alan Mcgee.

The songs speak of lost places, times and loves. The vocals are soft edged, adding to the feeling of a past remembered; the fuzziness evoking the indistinctness of memory.

The two instrumental pieces,  ‘And So Through Th Dark Pforest I Must Go’ and ‘Mälaren Blue’ are beautiful and thoughtful. They convey a sense of longing for the past.

Even when the rhythm picks up there is an awareness of what has slipped away, forever inaccessible.  Even in the excellent ‘Stardust Girls’ which is drum-driven with a chorus to die for, there is a certain wistful quality.

‘On a Distant Shore’  shows variety and experimentation throughout. The most standard ballad ‘Save Me Tonight’ still features Bob Juarez’s excellent vocal range and feeling.

‘Please, Please Emily’ has a pleasing 1960s pop feel with echoes of psychedelia.

‘Stephanie Und Th Deep Blue Sea’ and ‘Magick in Your Smile’ have a bright almost indie feel with a tinge of surf.

The highlight of the album is ‘Stockholm’ which has an amazing, other worldly introduction. This leads to a love song brimming over with emotion and sincerity. There is such sadness and regret here; elegant pain.

‘What you Are’ is less structured than some tracks but has the same sincerity, musical innovation and experimentation shown throughout.

TexasBob Juarez has used the way thoughts stray back to happier times as a loose overriding theme. Seen through the rose tint of time, the past invades the present. ‘On a Distant Shore’ is the music of sleepless nights where half-remembered events seem more real than the world around us.

On a Distant Shore is available here.

More information on TexasBob Juarez is available on his Facebook page.

All words by Roxy Gillespie. More writing on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. She Tweets as @RoxyG100.

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