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The famed Lord Byron poem is set to music on a new single by Irish singer/songwriter Tess Callaghan. This is taken from her soon to be released album The Burren, which will be her eighth collection in total. Ian Canty strolls about aimlessly…

It has been a while since I have heard from Tess Callaghan, after very much enjoying her beguiling song Favourite Director back in 2016 (reviewed here). It is clear though that time has not blunted her muse one bit, from the evidence provided by the fabulous brand new single He Walks In Beauty. Accompanied by a very charming video shot on location in Venice, she skilfully recasts Lord Byron’s famous She Walks In Beauty for the female perspective. The original Byron poem was an ode inspired by Anne Beatrix Wilmot, the wife of one of Byron’s circle of friends. This went on eventually to become one of his most famous works, so it must have presented a pretty daunting prospect for Tess in attempting to employ these hallowed verses in a pop music context.

Happily she manages to pull it off with an irrepressible joie de vivre. This is a delightful slice of shimmering indie pop/folk rock complete with a heavenly guitar jangle and is voiced with real style. Totally alluring and disarming in the delivery, it is a exhilarating cocktail and one that is very addictive too. A fine example of modern pop music with depth and accomplished with artistry.

Taken together with the video which is a whole bundle of fun in itself, this is the perfect summer pop tune for 2021, full of totally enchanting wonder. It all adds up to a masterful and inventive reading of the source material and underlines what a fine-tuned talent Tess really is. This offering certainly whetted my appetite for her new album The Burren, which will no doubt prove to be well worthy of a thorough investigation when it is released. Cop an earful of He Walks In Beauty if you want to hear all the alluring mystery and heady thrills of a summer romance distilled into one elegant tune.

He Walks In Beauty is available on Bandcamp here and on Apple iTunes here

Tess Callaghan is on Twitter here, her website is here and on Facebook here

All words by Ian Canty – see his author profile here

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