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Louder Than War’s Ian Canty reviews Tess Callaghan’s “Favourite Director”

One of the maxims about writing is of course “write about what you know”.  Now apart from the fact that Tess Callaghan is an Irish born singer currently living in London, I know precisely zilch about this artiste.  Oh and in true Columbo style, there’s one more thing.  The one track I’ve heard by her, “Favourite Director” is a real pristine pop pearl (he says in a fashion rather too close to Garry Bushell for comfort).  There’s a hint of motorik in the background, a lovely hook and it’s beautifully sung, a truly beguiling first effort.  It makes you feel good, which may well be the point, like a happy memory of a sunny day.

For me this knocks the current efforts of St Etienne (who were great in their day, but do rather seem to be repeating themselves like some sort of disco dancing version of Status Quo) into a cocked hat and it builds to a wonderful tremulous climax.  “Favourite Director” is just an old style dream-pop belter, that I would think would appeal to folk who like C86-style indie-pop, classic Velvet Underground shimmer and basically a good old fashioned tune attractively delivered.

And here it is for you to judge yourself


Tessa’s official website is: www.tesscallaghan.com. She  can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

All words Ian Canty whose author profile is here.

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