Ten Year Old Theo Supernaise Raises Over £4000 For Children’s Hospice By Producing & Releasing Solo Album Barnsley youngster Theo Supernaise has raised over £4000 and counting for his chosen charity, Bluebell Woods Children’s Hospice, with a solo album, Tiny Dinosaur, that he’s self produced. This is a truly remarkable achievement as the album was actually recorded while he was between the ages of seven and eight yrs old and it was released before he turned 10.

Tiny Dinosaur is a fourteen track release which includes songs such as Theo Relaxing, Video Bango, Peaclock and Pets Sounds. Style wise it’s a pretty slick fusion of genres, sounds and beats that range from energy driven jams to something to kick back too.

The album swings from ambient African vibes, Balearic beats and salsa to smooth jazz, reggae, bursts of rock – and so much more. It’s an enlightening and creative sound-scape and an ideal album to chill out too.

Theo created the album on GarageBand on his mothers iMac.

The album also inspired Murray Lachlan Young, the poet who singed to EMI in the 90s for a million pounds, to write a poem in honor of Theo, his family, the album, his cause and his good work. This is also included with the album and can be read when you buy a copy via the link below!

It’s an outstanding project from the Yorkshire youngster who turns 11 years old this July 7th and whose father, Chris Madden, is the Chinwag host and interviewer from Leeds Outlaws. Chris told Louder Than War:

“He invited his family and friends to buy his album rather than bring him any birthday presents. In fact he’s already thinking about his next project, maybe even a remix version of Tiny Dinosaur itself.”

Ten Year Old Theo Supernaise Raises Over £4000 For Children’s Hospice By Producing & Releasing Solo AlbumTiny Dinosaur is still continuing to raise funds for the Bluebell Woods Children’s Hospice, with the album garnering an amazing response from music fans nationwide. Indeed, the response has been so good the album has nearly sold out of its first run.

Other names who’ve also offered support to the album include Alan McGee, DJ Justin Robertson and Dexy’s Jim Patterson.

You too can can get a copy of the album, Tiny Dinosaur, by going to Theo’s website, the link to which you can find below.

Theo’s website for album purchase and all other news for Tiny Dinosaur: theosupernaise.co.uk.

You can also follow Theo on his Facebook page and check out a couple of tracks by him below, both of which have been taken from his Soundcloud.


All words by Carl Stanley. Carl’s author’s archive on Louder Than War is here.

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