Pinemarten 'Here It Is'

Ten new bands for March 2012
Pinemarten 'Here It Is'

Shell Zenner is a radio DJ, and a writer – she delights in the discovery of new music. Here are her selections for March 2012…


Pinemarten ”“ Enigmatic and mysterious pop maestro Pinemarten is based in Chesterfield and recently released EP ”ËœHere It Is’. Electronic synth tones radiatiate in an airy ambience, truly gorgeous.

Kindness ”“ is the project of funky disco revivalist Adam Bainbridge, who mixes interchangeable styles and influences yet is almost impossible to define. Definitely the freshest musical talent out of Peterborough in years.

Ajimal ”“ The first release on Frankie & The Heartstrings Pop Sex label is by Fran O’Hanlon aka Ajimal its called ‘Footnote to Love’ and is an incredibly beautiful song offering gorgeous intertwining piano and gentle acoustic guitar, aided by haunting vocals..

Ten new bands for March 2012

Mr Tom ”“ This has Xfm written through its core. Bouncy indie likely lads Mr Tom are from the Southampton and New Forest area, and have been honing their sound for two years. Offering upbeat melodies, and catchy hooks; this is feel-good indie pop for the masses..

Pond ”“ A band that have come out of nowhere to me, but comprising the rhythm section of Tame Impala and a song like ‘Moth Wings’ that literally blew my ears off they are a must hear channeling summery psyche vibes..

Fantasy Rainbow ”“ In a couple of weeks Tiny Lights Records will release a new EP called ”ËœNo Hope. Not Ever’ from an artist called Fantasy Rainbow. Packed full of lo-fi jams and twangy guitar, It’s a refreshing earworm.

Ten new bands for March 2012
Fantasy Rainbow

Tomahawks for Targets ”“ Sitting somewhere between Everything Everything and Vinyl Jacket and that’s no bad thing in my view, the album is called ”ËœInvasion On A Budget’ which sums up their DIY ethic perfectly.

Zulu ”“ Not to be confused with Zulu Winter and nearer in comparisons to the garageyvibed Sissy & The Blisters, their sound is raw, punky, guitar and bass driven and makes me want to throw myself in a crowd and mosh..

Kites – London band, Kites have described their sound as: “Melodramatic provocation for discontented dreamers”. Two members of the band are classically trained but there is nothing straight laced about this dreamy electronic sound, forthcoming single ‘Jumped-Up Boy In Livery’ is a proper tune..

Drowner ”“ Houston outfit Drowner have an appropriate name for their sound which is drowned in reverb and the perfect antidote to a busy day with its calming atmospheric shoegaze tones..

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