one-direction1Murderers of Teenage Kicks, the worlds biggest boy band, One Direction have been forced to withdraw a twitter request for fans to submit footage of their “real tattoos” to have a chance of appearing in the boyband’s forthcoming film.


The request was put out on Saturday before it was pointed out that it is not legal for people under 18 to have skin art. The band have been busy getting inked up since they hit the big time and have made quite a name for themselves for their tatts.

The request for fans with tattoos caused a mini outrage and spokesman Simon Jones said: “This tweet was posted in error and has now been removed. One Direction do not want to encourage any of their fans to get 1D tattoos.”

On social networking the band had encouraged fans to send videos of their tattoos to an email address, giving them the chance for the footage to appear in a 3D movie due out in the summer.

The band tweeted: “Have a real #1D tattoo? Show us! Submit a 90 sec YouTube video to and show us why you should be in the @1D3Dmovie!”


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  1. Has anyone seen the tattoos that they have! All that money and yet the tattoos look like they could have been done in a secure naughty boys hotel!

  2. httpss://

  3. Do you think those cheeky pop scamps would be interested on the burning church tattoo I have on my left arm?
    Total agreement with Mr Hardcastle on the piss-poor standard of 1D tattoos.
    Criminal waste of flesh and don’t get me started on the band!


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