Screenshot 2019-01-19 at 13.12.35One of the great drummers of the seventies and the powerhouse heart and soul of the Sensational Alex Harvey band has died at the age of 68 after a routine Hernia operation in hospital.

The band were one of the great proto-punk bands in the seventies and their mixture of theatre, burlesque and a tough Glaswegian working-class edge made them compulsive viewing with claustrophobic and brilliant songs that merged prog, glam and musical hall into a highly original and charismatic whole. Ted was a lynchpin with his jazz-tinged powerhouse drumming being a powerful foundation for the band’s brilliance.

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  1. SAHB were among the first bands I got to see. I already loved the sound, built upon the wonderful foundations provided by Ted and Chris Glen. RIP Ted.

  2. Big fan of Rory Gallagher, when Ted came on board they became one of the tightest trio’s, Ted was what Rory needed. Ever since that era I followed and admired Ted. Loved it when he played with Michael Schenker again in the Fest line up. Thanks for the memories Mr McKenna…

  3. Absolutely devastated to hear this news. SAHB were my first love, a totally unique band who have ever been equalled. They were the original punks and at a time in the mid 70’s when rock music was in danger of disappearing up its own ego, SAHB were a breath of fresh air, compelling, heavy, hilarious and exciting, led by the wily Alex, a man old enough to be the band members father. Ted was the powerhouse behind the band, driving and directing the tempo and when the band broke up he readily found work with a number of high profile acts down the years.
    RIP Ted, you will be sorely missed by many…

  4. Thank you for this. When I first saw SAHB on an American late night concert show (age 11, mind you), my mind was forever blown. Respect to all of his family and friends.

  5. I saw some great bands in the 70’s The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who, Roxy Music, Bowie and many more, but the best gig I ever saw was The Sensational Alex Harvey Band at the Glasgow Apollo, the 75 Christmas gig , truly sensational. A couple of years ago I met Ted on a flight to Paris, he was going to play a couple of gigs. We had a good chat and he was not only a brilliant drummer but a smashing guy too, very unassuming. R I P Ted.

  6. A Coatbridge friend. Full of stories and love. Would have – and did listen to him for hours. Seriously going to miss the big guy. Luvya Ted.
    Drum legend


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