That DayThe exciting Tears For Annie speak out for the first time to Louder Than War about their debut EP & what’s been keeping her busy! We also have a premiere on their new video.

Louder Than War: How has the year been going so far and what big plans do you have coming up?

Tears For Annie: The year’s been interesting. I finished producing the EP Purple heart in January and it’s ready for release on the 25th of March.  I’m currently working on the tracks , production and concepts for the album. It’s pretty raw, in infant stages but should be ready around summer. I’m toying with names at the moment but don’t have anything concrete in place, but the sonic and the sentiment of the album will be an extension of purple heart , I’ve also  been art directing Tears for Annie videos and visuals for the live shows, and I’m really happy with the results so far, my strongest passion lies in making music and playing live, and I really can’t wait to be touring this year. I’ve also been asked to go back to Berlin to follow up an exhibition I did yesteryear which was about the vulgar sexualisation of women, and used large photographs of my vagina digitally placed inside jackets from each decade beginning in the 1920s. I attached them to large plinths and did a live performance on them.

How did you decide on the EP title, Purple Heart?

Whilst producing the EP I was researching the history of the military. I’d used a military drumbeat in one of the tracks. The content of the EP was digging up the deep sadness in myself and the sadness I feel for society. I discovered that soldiers in the US military who have been killed or wounded are awarded a purple heart. This seemed to be a very meaningful coincidence due to the lyrical content of the tracks and the concept of the EP.  I feel something inside of everyone has been wounded or killed. I like the image of a choking heart starved of blood.

Who and what inspires you?

Strength and honesty. The strength of a woman bringing up seven kids by herself. The strength of non-conformists. I‘m inspired by artists like Johnny Cash with undeniable honesty in their lyrics.

What do you think makes music such an important art form?  

People connect through music. People escape through music. It provides a vehicle for people to express their deepest emotions.


Do you think there is an ultimate art form, or are they all as valuable as each other? 

No. They’re as valuable as each other.  To me art is about stirring an emotion in any form.

How important do you believe image is?

If we’re fortunate enough we all have five senses. I want Tears for Annie to appeal to every sense. For a show I once created a perfume so strong you could taste it. I sprayed it in front of large fans placed on the stage. This combined with the music and visuals created a very intense experience. The invitations for the show were printed on the back of sandpaper.

Tell us a bit about your imagery and what inspires it.

The imagery is autobiographical and surreal. I prefer to shape my life’s events into lucid forms rather than concrete forms because it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Who would you most like to tour with and why?

Patti Smith. I respect her music and visuals. I could learn a great deal from her.

Finally, tell us something you would like to tell us, simply for the sake of it!

Beware of immigration in Minneapolis.

Find Tears For Annie on Facebook here, on Titter here, on Youtube here, on Soundcloud here & finally on Tumblr here.

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