Tax The Heat - Change Your Position

Tax The Heat - Change Your PositionTax The Heat

Change Your Position

Nuclear Blast

Available 9 March 2018


Tax The Heat are back with another British hard-rock-drenched modern classic. Fusing classic riffs with catchy hooks gives us another gorgeous set of ear-worms to enjoy.

The Bristol boys in Tax The Heat manage to tap into that British hard rock vein but twist it just enough to turn it into something fresh. Change Your Position, like Fed To The Lions before it feels like a really cohesive record, the songwriting is more complex and mature on Change Your Position and has a slightly more commercial feel. This is a record with plenty of instant hits if a slightly less rocky sound than its predecessor.

Change Your Position, All That Medicine, Cut Your Chains and Taking The Hit are especially catchy, listen once and these will attach themselves to your Auditory Cortex like a bulldog. Proper feel-good rock that will have your foot tapping and the chorus lyrics burned into your hippocampus for decades to come. This stuff forces a smile and a bounce in your step!

Make no mistake, this is a super strong record though, not much filler here. Highlights are My Headspace, Jack Taylor’s drums and Antonio’s bass working together to form a driving wave of fuzzy rock and JP’s guitars weaving in and out of the baseline with Alex Veales vocals adding balance, absolutely brilliant and over far too quickly! In a similar vein, Wearing A Disguise is just as enjoyable, simple and effective song structure with bass and drums grabbing your attention whilst the guitars and vocals almost play with each other over the top.

Change Your Position is again produced by Evansson (Steve Evans), with whom band have a strong relationship and it shows through on this record. Very crisp production and full of energy. Recording all parts at the same time in the same room, rather than individually really suit their energetic rock and roll vibe.

If you like your rock with a little-added roll, this might be just up your street. A fun, uncomplicated and compelling rock record.

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All words by Neil Johnson. More writing by Neil Johnson can be found at Neil’s archive. Neil is also on Instagram as @gigtog and has a  website here:

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