Tangerines_YLLSIK_4k_UKSpec_(1)Tangerines : You look like something I killed

(RIP Records)


Out 18th March 2016

Louder than War’s Ioan Humphreys reviews these Londoners latest single.

This release comes with some promising credentials as it was mixed by MJ from eardrum wreckers Hookworms. So it’s going to be loud, noisy and relentless right? Right??… Wrong!

Well on repeated listens, only slightly to be honest. Tangerines’ newest release ‘You look like something I killed’ is certainly a no holds barred romp, but instead of relentless noise, you get a very (nice) relentless and infectious riff, combined with a Bob Dylanesque drawl. This band have their feet firmly planted in the 60s (Thirteen Floor Elevators come to mind) and (this may send shivers down many a listeners back) the scally rock of the 90s, and urchin rock of the 00s. But to be honest, they have a lot to give and remind me of Jake Bugg and early Libertines.

I think more music is needed from this band to get them firmly away for these comparisons, but at the moment, they are just nice and listenable. And just not setting the world on fire for me? But what do i know anyway eh? Have a listen.


9th March – Green Door Store, Brighton
10th March – Start The Bus, Bristol
11th March – Frog and Parrot, Sheffield
12th March – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
17th March – Servant Jazz Quarters
21st April – Purple Turtle, Reading
19th – 21st May – The Great Escape, Brighton
12th June – Field Day, London

Tangerines can be contacted via their Facebook and their label RIP Records.

By Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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  1. “But what do i know anyway eh?” F all…

    This review lost any credibility when you mentioned Jake Bugg…

    Early Libertines is the perfect comparison, not particularly because they sound alike but because they are one of very British bands who have done guitar music well since the post-Libertines. Or should I say Post-Monkeys as most young guitar bands’ points of reference begin and end with Arctic Monkeys.

    Tangerines have a much wider range of influence. Tangerines and Black Manila (Gareth’s old band) are not “saviors of guitar music”, they may never achieve much critical praise. But they know how to record guitars for what they are, not to many fancy pants effects. All interesting riffing they do live comes from them, not studio sounds.

    Perhaps you should have done your research on the band before listening to them? They do sound “loud, noisy and relentless” live but that would help them on record because they have well thought out songs. With the advent of their debut album hopefully people will see them for what they are, the only legitimate answer the UK has to Parquet Courts… Four years to late!


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