Talk In Colour: Rushes – ep reviewTalk In Colour – Rushes (Night Cabin Records)


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On Talk In Colour’s Soundcloud page it states that the band “blends electronic and organic instrumentation into a blistering aesthetic”. Lofty claims indeed – lets see if Louder Than War’s Simon Tucker agrees shall as he reviews their latest EP?

Talk In Colour have, on this EP, moved away from their instrumental beginnings into a more dreamy pop/soundscape direction resulting in a slightly pleasant but mediocre collection of songs.

Opener The Cell starts with the obligatory acoustic guitar and mild electronica thrum instantly lumping T.I.C into the ‘folktronica’ genre that is seeing a fair bit of popularity as of late. Lyrics are politely whisper-sung with a few gentle layers of instrumentation and vocal harmonies adding slightly more depth as the track progresses before ending on a  four / four house rhythm which actually would have been a great base for a whole track and maybe made would’ve made The Cell a much more intriguing listen.

Candles follows in much the same suit but with much more harp adding a slightly edgier feel to the track before it descends into more generic ‘folk-with-a-beat’ faire.

It really is a shame that the final track on this EP is Rolling as it is by far the best thing here. Jazz drums, rolling (see what I did there) synth and harps, build and build. A much more dancey track and one that contains more energy and promise than the other two tracks combined. Some parts are even reminiscent of the current King Of Limbs Radiohead material.

Rushes takes its name from the first print of an unedited film reel and this is very apt. More depth should have been added thus making the tracks stronger and not so wispy sounding.

All in all, Rushes will sound fine if you’ve done 10ml of valium and are walking around in the middle of the day. Aural candyfloss, the EP will be way too sweet for a lot of people to stomach, but will still prove to be very popular with a large part of the listening public.

Talk In colour’s website can be found here. They’re also on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

All words written by Simon Tucker. For more of Simon’s writing for Louder Than War click here or follow him on twitter @simontucker1979

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