Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Listen to This! Xqui new album travels back 100 years!

As the record crackles into life, sounds begin to melt and warp in a visceral transgression of time. Uncompromisingly immersive / startling / melancholic / confusing / beautiful, Twenties is the rebirth of a fading spirit song of ages.

Listen to This! New Xqui Album and Bonus Discs with Individual...

Xqui first appeared in April 2018 with his Britannia EP which was swiftly followed by the Dragon album in May. Using field recordings which...

Watch This! Xqui, Geiger von Muller & Paal V collaborate...

a kaleidoscopo-surreal remix of both the melody and the video

Xqui: Lleisiau – Album Review

Xqui Lleisiau Wormhole World Limited Edition CD/Streaming/Download Available now   Lee Ashworth ventures out across a musical hinterland to discover Xqui's Lleisiau emanating from the vanguard of a liberating, new...

Xqui: Kindness – EP Review

Louder Than War’s Ioan Humphreys reviews the latest EP from the secretive and brilliant Xqui.