Monday, May 23, 2022
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Listen to this! – Xqui x Drew Five open sonic time...

Somewhere out in the tundra at an experimental sound workshop, Xqui and Drew Five have been working on a way to connect parallel worlds in a bid to defeat time’s arrow.

Forest Robots: Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning – album review

Forest Robots: Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning (Wormhole World) CD|DL Released 2nd April 2021 Buy it from Bandcamp   The latest album from Forest Robots will wash all over...

Not Quite So: 47 Minutes – album review

Not Quite So 47 Minutes Wormhole World CD|DL Out on 4th December - available here.   Not Quite So emerge with a collection of tragic-comic tales narrated over a rich...

Netta Goldhirsch: Love Doesn’t Exist – album review

NETTA GOLDHIRSCH Love Doesn't Exist Wormhole World CD|DL Out now.   Innovative and bold. Musically stunning and a divine voice. The Avant-garde fights back on Netta Goldhirsch’s new album, packing...

Watch This! Retrophonica – Video Premiere and Compilation Pre-order

All profits from the release will go to Delia Derbyshire Day (DD Day), a charity focused on the education of the public in music technology and the history of British electronic music via the archive and works of Delia Derbyshire.