Saturday, October 16, 2021
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White Fang: Full Time Freaks – album review

"These are songs to lose your shit to in the style of the piggybacking, somersaulting and beer slurping onstage antics of a White Fang live show, and also songs to relax to with a 40 at a backyard barbecue, laidback and friendly postcard-snap slices of life..."

Metal Postcard’s Pacific North West Top 10

They are one of the most exciting bands I've seen and heard in ages. When you hear the album, released earlier this year, it almost sounds as though the XX had decided to seek out Young Marble Giants and said "let's form the best ever new wave band there never was".

White Fang: Steady Truckin’ For Summer – album review

"White Fang / Gnar Tapes is the sort of discovery you make lifelong friendships over, the kind of friendships where you decide to get matching tattoos together!"

Diy Label Gnar Tapes Music Videos Spotlight

"The future is Gnar! And it’s toking over the world."

White Fang: High Expectations – ep review

"White Fang's slacker anthems are mini masterpieces, as thrilling and immediate as any life changing teenage catharsis."