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Walter Lure – A Celebration Of A Crazy Life

Walter Lure – A Celebration Of A Crazy Life The announcement of the untimely death of guitarist Walter Lure on 22 August 2020 heralded the...

Listen to This! Sole surviving Heartbreaker Walter Lure punks out with...

serve to remind us of just how solid Walter Lure still is in the world of punk – living it already now as living incarnate for more than 40 years.

Walter Lure of The Heartbreakers gives an incredible, in depth interview....

Heartbreakers Walter Lure Interviewed   On the back of the re-release of L.A.M.F, Joe Whyte speaks to last-man-standing, the legendary Walter Lure, for LTW. With more lives...

Peter Coyne of The Godfathers: Top Ten Songwriting Influences

Peter Coyne, frontman of The Godfathers since the group's inception in 1985, has kindly selected this barn-storming list of his top ten song-writing influences for Louder The War

Black Bombers: Top Ten Proto-Punk Classics

BLACK BOMBERS:  Proto-Punk Top Ten "You ain't no punk, you punk! You wanna talk about the real junk?"  (Lux Interior) Louder Than War recently reviewed the...