Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Visions Festival 2019 (East London) – preview

Visions Festival in East London has been a huge success previous years and 2019 looks as though we're still on the same path of...

Visions Festival 2018 (day two) : London – Live review

Keith Goldhanger gets out of bed early, has a cold shower and visits day two of East London's Visions Festival. Considering this was yet again...

Visions Festival 2018 (day one) : London – Live review

Visions Festival 2018 have added a special Friday night show in advance of the following days event.  Sauna Youth / Bad Breeding / Fucked...

Visions Festival 2018 – festival preview

Visions festival in East London is becoming such a marvellous annual event that we think it's time to shout a bit louder about it. Keith Goldhanger goes hoarse trying.

Visions Festival 2016 – preview

Visions Festival 2016 - preview Visions Festival is just around the corner and after getting giddy with excitement at just the early announcements https://louderthanwar.com/visions-festival-2016/ we've had a bit of...