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Vice Squad: An Interview With Beki Bondage And Live Review

Modern reappraisals of punk all to often treat the UK as one cohesive state in which the genre manifested in one form. The truth is, of course, very different and I can’t help but feel that one of the most interesting and varied cities was Bristol in terms of what it did with the word “punk” – contrast the pop sensibility of The Letters with the jazz-inspired innovation of The Pop Group, for example. One such band to emerge from Bristol in the punk years were Vice Squad, fronted by the strident then-teenager Beki Bondage (an incredibly friendly, frank and warm individual.) I use this as my starting point in my interview with her and longstanding guitarist Paul Rooney…

Vice Squad; Kirkcaldy – live review

Vice Squad The Windsor, Kirkcaldy April 20th 2013 Pics: Dod Morrison Buzzbomb, from Bathgate in Scotland - a high energy full on powerful band, with a set to...