Monday, October 25, 2021
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Twerking And The Pornification Of Pop – Where Do You Stand?

Pop has always pissed people off. Twerking and the pornification of pop - where do you stand? Sold on soft porn the sex stuff has got the hackles up over the years from middle America freaking to Elvis ramming his crotch at them in the 50s to the terror of middle England when Mick Jagger wiggled around on TV in the sixties. There were the tabloid inches and bans generated by sex in pop like Madonna's writhing in the eighties to the terror of David Bowie half coming out to the tabloid confusion caused by gender bending.

Welcome to the Real World, Cyrus Critics!

Miley Cyrus has shocked a planet ravaged by war, uprisings, economic upheaval, environmental degradation and loss of freedoms by using a giant foam finger...