Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Watch This! The Room in The Wood says it like it...

The music was always Tamla, Glam Rock etc blaring loud. An era where gangs of smoothies, troggs and grebos roamed the parks you had to bribe over 18s to get you alcohol from off licences.

Watch This! The Room in The Wood debunks lies of the...

Charmed is about the entitled arrogance of the privately educated rich. It’s about disaster capitalism as pursued by the Moggs & Johnsons of the world

Watch This! The Room In The Wood debunk sci-fi saviour fantasies...

A catchy bass riff, charming vocals, a convincing delivery, solid production and harmony between the different element

Watch This! New video from Liverpool’s The Room In The...

This new material has been an exciting voyage of musical exploration in a new fruitful and prolific tandem