Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Phil Drinkwater from the Narrows: Interview by Liam Core

we feel like the music we make, which is big and loud and enveloping - is perfect for festival stages as the lights go out. But some of our favourite shows have been in tiny little places. We've played to literally two people and played to rooms packed to the rafters. Either way, we bring the ruckus baby, don't you forget it.

The Narrows: Interview.

The other day I thought I saw Tom Cruise following me in a car...Turned out it was just a regular weird little troll, as opposed to a multi-millionaire psychologically disturbed one.

The Narrows Video Shoot

The Narrows don't seem to do normal. Not that this is a bad thing, but weird seems to come somewhat naturally to them. So...

The Narrows : Manchester : live review

' kilter electronica, overlayed by the duelling guitars ...'

The Narrows & Vei – Live review

New music from Manchester: The Narrows and Vei take familiar ingredients and do something unexpected with them....