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Various – Think I’m Going Weird – album review

Various - Think I'm Going Weird Grapefruit 5CD/DL Released 29 October 2021 Subtitled Original Artefacts From The British Psychedelic Scene (1966-1968), Grapefruit Records reach their hundredth release in...

Various Artists: Lost Christmas – album review

With a pun in the title, referring to a poppy Christmas anthem, the album lacks supposed bittersweet-ness. Instead, the record celebrates all impromptu aspects of unconventional Xmas 2020.

The Kinks: Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the British...

The Kinks' criminally overlooked and hugely influential masterpiece reissued in several different formats.

Yasmin Kiddle Louder Than War exclusive interview

Joining the ranks of Joni Mitchell, Carole King and Janis Joplin as creative yet exciting female singer/songwriter is new starlet Yasmin Kiddle. On the...

The Kinks – Ray and Dave Davies Perform Together for First...

The sight that many in Kingdom Kink thought they would never see came to pass last night in Islington Assembly Hall as Ray Davies...