Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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The Go Team: Hebden Bridge Trades Club – live review

The Go! Team Hebden Bridge Trades Club Friday 26 August 2016 Sometimes a gig can be a serious affair with loads of sad hipsters stroking their chins...

News: Dig That Treasure announce Charity Compilation

The multi faceted Dig That Treasure are set to release a stupendously eclectic compilation titled A Home on March 1st with all proceeds going to the Refugee Council.

CUZ to tour the UK…

CUZ to tour the UK... CUZ Featuring Mike Watt (Iggy & the Stooges, FiREHOSE, Minutemen) and Sam Dook (The Go! team) have announced a UK...

The Go! Team: The Scene Between – album review

The Go! Team - The Scene Between - it's filthy. Showered in feedback and roisterous with timbrel variance.




The 99 Degree / The Maitlands / Deh-Yey: Retro Bar – Mcr – live review

Wayne AF Carey heads out to Retro Bar and gets his ears blasted by a mixed night of totally different sounds. And a pig farmer.....


An Interview with Toxic Chicken

Favorite physical format must be the floppy diskette. It's the poor person's choice of underground DIY, to me it looks super cool and is a challenge to fill up with interesting material.


Negativland – TRUEFALSE – album review

Negativeland - True false
Negativland TRUEFALSE Seeland Records In an era defined in part by struggles for intellectual copyright and remuneration through streaming platforms...


The Dogs of War – film review

The Dogs of War (1980) Director: John Irvin Cast: Christopher Walken, Tom Berenger, Colin Blakely Running time: 102 minutes Format: Blu-ray Release...


Mirrors Festival 2019: London – live review

Mirrors Festival has relocated to Camden Town. Keith Goldhanger visits all six venues and reports from this...