Monday, September 20, 2021
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Ruts DC Tour Diary: Part 8

Ruts DC Tour Diary, Part 8, sees us skip back a bit in time to Edingburgh.

Ruts DC Tour Diary: Part 6

Part 6 of our exclusive Ruts DC tour diary incorporates the best show of the tour so far and a bottle of Werthers vodka.

The Damned | Ruts DC: Tivoli, Buckley – live review

The Damned | Ruts DC: Tivoli, Buckley What can you say that’s not already been said? What can you read that’s not already been read..? -...

Ruts DC Tour Diary: Part Two

Part two of our Ruts DC tour diary - on the road with the Damned. Let battle commence...

Watch this! great video of the Damned as lego figures playing...

The Damned's New Rose is one of the finest rock n roll songs ever released. Pure adrenaline it harbored the punk generation and for me it's one of the great cornerstones of classic rock n roll along with the Stooges and the MC5. Every time I hear it it's like a line of speed and makes me feel totally alive but I've never seen aversion of it as cool as this with the classic original line up of the band turned into lego figures that somehow suits them very well...