Sunday, September 26, 2021
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The Alternative Christmas Top Twenty (No Turkeys).

We've all fallen prisoner to a limited range of Christmas songs at times. Jon Kean wishes to free our minds from this tyranny.

Primavera Sound Day One 2017 – festival review

An incredible first day at the brilliant Primavera Sound Festival that saw so many highlights including NOTS, Broken Social Scene and many more!

David Vanian: The Damned – Interview

  “I often wonder if the Grundy show had never happened how different history could have been.” David Vanian speaks to Dave Jennings about forty...

Brian James Interview

We talk to Damned founder about his new album and special 100 Club show  Founding member of The Damned and one of the leading lights on...

The Damned 40th Anniversary: Royal Albert Hall – Live Review

A perfect tribute to a unique band ‘But always remember, this is the happiest day of your life’. So sang Captain Sensible as he led...