Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Drenge: Norwich Sound and Vision festival – live review

There's two of them up there. One is hammering the drums with a real raw power but also a subtly brilliant array of shape shifting rhythms whilst the other is cranking up a brilliant skree of guitar filth- that sort of feedback drenched scuzz that Poison Ivy dealt in the early Cramps whilst he sings these great tunes over the top in an instantly addictive and great voice.

Kid Congo Powers: My Favourite 10 Albums

Kid Congo Powers top ten is as fantastic as you would expect and his comments about each album are an education on their own.

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds; Manchester – live review

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds The Deaf Institute, Manchester 22nd March 2013 After attempting to meet up with Kid Congo Powers all week via transatlantic...

Poison Ivy from the Cramps : special birthday party celebration

Ok, Ok...the Cramps are one of the greatest rock n roll bands that ever existed- a whole universe of sex up, feedback drenched madness....

Top 10 non guitar players: Part 2 (Number 6 to10)

Part one of the list is here 6. Poison Ivy The Cramps had a brilliant singer and a very definable area they were operating in...