Friday, May 14, 2021
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Lambchop: This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You) – album...

Lambchop's 15th studio album is a minimalist masterpiece a million miles from his Nashville roots. Tim Cooper acclaims the birth of a new genre - electro-jazz noir.

Abul Mogard: And We Are Passing Through Silently – Album Review

Abul Mogard And We Are Passing Through Silently Houndstooth 15th March 2019 Format:2 LP, CD, Digital   Lee Ashworth finds drone epics and an exquisite darkness on Abul Mogard's new...

Emily Breeze: Ego Death – single premiere

Emily Breeze's new single Ego Death is as seductive as it is cynical: a softly-spoken escape fantasy set to sleazy synths, jazz piano and a dirty, distorted guitar solo. Tim Cooper listens in to the song and its set of remixes.

Holy Matrimony: Dearly Beloved Part One – ep review

Holy Matrimony release their stunning pop/synth behemoth Dearly Beloved Part One - Nigel Carr reviews for Louder Than War

The Bedroom Cassette Masters Project

What is 'real' anymore no longer seems to matter… it sounds like vintage electronica and it looks like vintage electronica.