Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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The God Machine: Scenes From The Second Storey – album review

In the 90s, The God Machine seemed poised to become one of the biggest and best bands around, but tragedy was to bring a...

Swans: leaving meaning. – album review

Gira has married his acoustic output to the cavernous Swans sound helping to reinvent the band in a way that is not too dramatic but different enough to know that we are now dealing with a new Swans taking on yet another challenge

Swans announce new line up and tour

Swans Facebook page has announced the next phase... Wiith the new album due soon the band have announced their new line up and tour...

New book on Michael Gira/Swans announced

Swans: Sacrifice And Transcendence: The Oral History by Nick Soulsby is the first ever book about the band and their founder and leader, Michael Gira.

Michael Gira : Newcastle Boiler shop : Live Review

I’ve seen Swans a few times, early on, stripped naked savage, then later, huge, controlling, deafening, never naked like this. Great performances, excellent venue. Come back soon. Wish I were in Camden for the Koko