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Subhumans: Talking Heads, Southampton – Live Review

Live Review Subhumans, the Reaktors, Kontakta: Talking Heads, Southampton Riotous assembly at the Heads reviewed by Ged Babey You won't get a sensible review out of me...

Subhumans: Boston Arms, London – live review

SUBHUMANS London, The Boston Arms 3rd March 2013 Pop historians decided long ago that punk rock exists only in the past, as part of a thread that...

‘The Punk Machine’ DVD review (inc Subhumans/Citizen Fish)

Subhumans/Citizen Fish members make bid for Golden Globe Awards

Citizen Fish ‘Goods’ – Album review

If the world is going to hell in a hand basket, then we might as well go whilst listening to a jaunty tune!

The Subhumans are one of the great UK punk bands –...

The Subhumans are one of the finest live bands in the country. Their thrilling imaginative take on the punk rock template has been a staple since 1982 when Winston Smithinterviewed them for Sounds...